Wednesday, February 24, 2010


If anyone has a GREAT recipe that they would like to share for our upcoming cookbook, please email all information to me at:
**Please be sure to list recipe name, ingredients, instructions, etc...**
Also, if the recipe is a "family heirloom", please make sure to tell a little about the person who passed it along to you and the sentimental value it has within your heart:)**

Monday, February 22, 2010


Well, Auntie's love may not have captured the crown at Saturday night's Snow Princess Pageants, but she did get in the Top 10!!!

Arden did such a great job, and she answered her on-stage question perfectly. Even though, she didn't win, she is still a winner in my heart:)

I am so very proud, and love her more than anyone will ever know. She will always be Auntie's beautiful angel-love:)

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Thanks for asking me to make these for you:)
I hope Mr. Moore & his class enjoyed them!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

February is full of birthdays..........

February is a big month for birthdays in my family, not to mention all my friends who share birthdays this month!
So I'm wishing Mike, Coty, myself, Kasey Boyd, Clair Cochran, Connor, and Jennifer a Happy "Belated" Birthday:)

And a very special birthday today to a wonderful woman whom I adore and admire, and who holds a very special place in my heart, Ms. Diane Sullens:)

Also, Happy "Upcoming" birthdays to Tammy, and my Pap who will be having birthdays coming up this next week:)

I love you all!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Please keep my dear friend, Kathy Brewer & her family in your thoughts & prayers. Her grandmother, Ms. Hall, passed away this morning from an extended illness.
Mama Hall will be greatly missed!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"How is it that our memory is good enough to retain the least triviality that happens to us, and yet not good enough to recollect how often we have told it to the same person?"

~Fran├žois Duc de La Rochefoucauld~

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Arden called yesterday morning wanting to come and spend the night at her "Aunties" house. Aunt "E" brought her over sometime after lunch, and we played all afternoon.

I was working on some other cookies, and had extra dough, so I cut out some extra hearts. She asked if she could glaze them, and decorate them with icing & sprinkles. Of course I said yes......does "Auntie" ever say no?

We didn't get started on them until late last night, but I got everything ready to go by "prepping" the counter with parchment paper, and pouring all the different sprinkles in little cups for her to use. She asked lots of questions, like how to fill in the icing, and "do you think this will match?" I honestly think she did a "FABULOUS" job all by herself, especially on her horse cookie. I had wanted to make some for Super Bowl today, but decided to let her use them instead. Hopefully, he will be our little "GOOD LUCK" horse tonight, and the COLTS & Peyton will win another championship!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Yesterday was National GO RED for Women Day sponsored by the AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION.
GO RED was started for women to wear red in support of our fight against heart disease. Heart disease the the NO#1 killer of women in the United States!
My grandmother, Inez Stewart, has battled with this disease for almost 20 years now. So, this is why I strongly support the AHA and GO RED!
In honor of my "GrannyMa", I decided I would make my own version of the "GO RED" dress. I had extra dough yesterday from Jayme's cookies, so I hand-cut these from a template that I drew.


Jamye called me a couple of days ago wanting me to make her some SUPER BOWL treats for this weekend. She wanted "Football" sugar cookies, and some of my "NUTTY" Chocolate chip.
She wanted me to drop them off in the office yesterday at Hickory Creek, when I brought Carter J. to school. She called me back later on last night, saying she needed ANOTHER batch of the same thing, because the teachers had wanted to try them, and they ate them ALL!!!
So, I'm working on the others now, and hopefully they will last until tomorrow afternoon for the big game:)


Aunt "E" asked me to make Ms.Fannie some of her favorite---Mexican Wedding Cakes---as a "GET WELL" wish from her.
Best wishes for a speedy recovery and Much love to you:)

"LAST CALL".....

.....Last minute call for anyone who would like to enter or donate to the "LITTLE MISS VALENTINE" pageant sponsored by the Morrison Ruritan.

The pageant is scheduled for Sat. Feb.13th @ 7p.m. at Morrison Elementary School. The pageant is open to little girls ages 3-6, and must reside, have a grandparent who resides, or be related to their sponsor who resides in the Morrison area.

All applications must be turned in to Kathy's in the Plaza Shopping Center or Security Federal in Morrison by Monday, Feb.8th, 2010!!!
Anyone who would like to donate to the pageant, not only will be mentioned throughout the event by the emcee, but will also be listed in the program as well. If you are interested in donating or have any questions, please feel free to give me a call at 931-668-0047 or email me at

Friday, February 5, 2010

"CONGRATS" to Miss Casey Morris, who was named 1 of 12 VALEDICTORIANS with the CLASS OF 2010

I know your mama is shouting HALLELUJAH!!!
I would be too, and hopefully I will be, in about 4 more years:)hahaha
It is an extraordinary accomplishment and honor to be named to the top of your class. It proves that with hard-work and determination, you CAN rise to the top!
Congrats to you, Miss Casey for following your heart and your dreams:)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Getting Ready for Valentines Day......

I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE Valentine's Day!
I love baking, I love giving, and I love getting stuff for Valentine's Day!
Every time I go somewhere I always end up coming home with more "goodies"! Whether it be cute gift tissue, pink cello & shred, or heart shaped marshmallows, I honestly think I'm becoming a little addictive to all the pink and red stuff:)
Yesterday, we went to the Boro' and I found the neatest thing---a silicone Brownie pop mold---Can't wait to make some yummy goodies with this thing. And I found some cute Heart sprinkles too:) LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it all:)
Do you love Valentine's Day as much as I do??? I Would LOVE to hear about it:)

"Sledding down WANAMAKER HILL"...........

We all had a great time Saturday morning sledding down WANAMAKER HILL!!! I haven't had so much fun since "back in the day".
We headed out pretty early, and by the afternoon, everybody ended up over at the ol' hillside. It was great!
Salem had a great time, and all the other kids loved it too!!!
As you can see, even the "grown-ups" had a ball, especially getting to see each other wipe-out!

Terry & I wiped out, but that didn't spoil the fun.........................................................................................................................Tammy's wipe-out was the funniest of the day---You just had to be there!!!