Thursday, December 30, 2010


My "spread" for tonight's MUSIC CITY BOWL game.....North Carolina vs. Tennessee.....GO VOLS!!!!!
UT VOLS Cupcakes & PowerT sugar cookies....Oh what a night...late December.......:)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hoping you had a Merry Christmas, & wishing you a Happy New Year!

Christmas Cookies...& LOTS of them!.....

I think I'm totally baked out, well at least for the next few days:)
I baked almost a week solid, and finally finished on Wednesday, two days before Christmas...I also set an "All-New" record for myself on Wednesday, and baked 23 dozen from 10:30am till 5:30pm...3 different kinds, 3 different batters(Double-batch of Chocolate Chip,Double-batch of Molasses, & Triple-batch Sugar)all with the kids at that's what I call, "SLINGING SOME DOUGH"!!!
I'm also pretty excited that for the first time in 5yrs....I wasn't baking on Christmas Eve and delivering goodies to everyone on my list:)...instead I was last minute Christmas shopping with my husband...which was exciting and de-stressing altogether:)
I do hope you and your family had a very Merry Christmas, and Santa brought you everything you dreamed of. Much love to you and yours, and I wish you all a Happy New Year:)

Happy Birthday Cupcakes for Faith Cooper-McGee...

Thanks for asking me to make your birthday cupcakes:)...Much love to you and yours sweet friend:)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"The PERFECT Man".....

He's CUTE.....
He's QUIET.....
He's SWEET..........
and if he gives you any grief.....YOU CAN BITE HIS HEAD OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

Honored by of McMinnville's Finest!

Very honored, Ms.Addie asked me, once again to make her a "Favorite":).....MOLASSES Cookies!
She hosted First National Bank employees to her home for a Christmas Party:).....Thanks Ms.Addie...Much love to you and yours this Christmas and always:)

Little Miss BRYNLEE CHISAM is 1!.....

Courtney asked me to make an assortment of cupcakes and a cupcake cake for Brynlee's 1st birthday:)...I was very honored to be a part of her very special day:)...Thanks Courtney:)...Miss Brynlee is a beautiful, blessed little girl:)...Thanks Dawn for letting me borrow your pic:)


for the Perkins baby shower.
Can't wait to meet Little Mr.Lennon:)
Congrats Melissa....Love you bunches:)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

"Spreading a little Christmas Blog LOVE".....

Looking for some last minute Christmas gifts???.....why not shop local...& at KATHY'S OF MCMINNVILLE!!!
She's got a NEW Shipment of STYLIN' purses & handbags that will impress all your friends, at all your holiday parties!!!....Not to mention, new scarves in an assortment of colors that can also be monogrammed in her shop~~in minutes!!!
NEW "BLINGIN'" Jewelry too!!!
Check out KATHY'S here:
& on Facebook too!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Shop at KATHY'S on BLACK FRIDAY.....She has something for EVERYONE on your Christmas list:)
Visit her site here:
or Follow her on Facebook at Kathy's of McMinnville:)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

OMGosh...Anne & I are on BAKERELLA!!!

......TOTALLY EXCITED:).....

Meeting BAKERELLA~"The Queen of CakePops".....

I LOVE BAKERELLA, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this woman & her blog. I have been a fan for several years, and I was absolutely thrilled when Anne called me and asked if I wanted to go:)
Angie Dudley(Bakerella), has been in lots of magazines, a spokesperson for Betty Crocker, but it all started with a little help from Ms.Martha...MARTHA STEWART that is:)...When Martha spotted her blog and saw her cupcake pops, she called and asked her to be on her show, and then it transpired from there:) Her love and passion for baking, is shown in her beautiful photography, which not only inspires, but makes you want to bake~~~just to see if you can do it too:)

If you have never seen her work or blog, check her out at:
Oh yeah, keep an eye out for Anne and I, we should be in the pics from the Cool Springs Galleria, book signing tour:).......SHE LOVED OUR SHIRTS:).....which was monogrammed by the one & only, Kathy's....... that read:
"KEEP CALM & HAVE A CUPCAKE POP!"......too cute:)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Clarke Boutte is "1".....

.....Oh my!!! Can't believe this little guy is actually 1 year old now. Seems like only yesterday his mommy was that age:)....gosh, I'm getting old:).....well I feel like it anyways, I'm only 34, & haven't went "over-the-hill" yet:)
Ms. Rae called me several months ago, and asked if I could make cupcakes for Little Mr. Clarke's 1st birthday. She said, she only wanted the BEST, for his special day~~~WOW, What an HONOR!!! I honestly don't consider myself the BEST, but I do the BEST I can, and always put lots of LOVE into everything I maybe that's why they always turn out so good?
Rae made the cutest cupcake toppers and wrappers for the cupcakes, which made his day even more special, and that's something they both can look back on, and always cherish the memories that they made:)
Happy 1st Birthday to Little Mr. Clarke. I know you had a wonderful day with family and friends. Thanks Rae, I love you girlie & miss you too:)

UT Knoxville bound.....

.....for Ms. Beth Hamby:)
Some for the "kiddos"....some staying.....for the crew at Mary's:)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Congrats to the 2010 Miss Warren Co. Miss Glenna Beaty

The newly crowned Miss Warren Co. Scholarship Pageant winner, Miss Glenna Beaty, walked away not only with the crown, but a $1500 scholarship too!!!
Thanks to everyone who helped make this year our BEST ever! We worked very hard & diligently for the past several months. All that hard work paid off extremely well, especially for the girls this year. We were able to collect over $7500.00 in prizes & gifts......NOT INCLUDING THE SCHOLARSHIP!!! that is AMAZING:).....All for a great cause, that is so dear to all of our hearts.....RELAY FOR LIFE:).....WAY TO GO "QUEENIES".....WE ROCK:)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Pre-Sale Tickets are $5, $6 Pageant Night!
Help support the QUEENSFORACURE~Relay for Life team and come support your favorite contestant.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy 13th Birthday Lexi Wanamaker...... sweet Lexi is now a teen:).....I can't believe it!
I love you so much and hope you had a wonderful birthday:)......especially since your "AuntieP" made your special cupcakes:)...:)

FAMILIES IN CRISIS..... friend, Ms.Rhonda Wood, who works so diligently with FIC, asked me to help them out for their Autumn Street Fair booth. I wanted something special, so I could use the colors purple & white, which represent DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AWARENESS. Cupcake Pops are such a huge hit with everyone, so I decided I would make these for them. I made over 100 after I got home from the WCHS Homecoming ballgame, and donated them to FIC to sell and raise money for such a great cause. They raised over $255 with my CupcakePops!!! WAY TO GO GIRLS:).....and a big Thanks to everyone who went out and supported them at the street fair:)