Sunday, April 25, 2010

Miss Stella Bess Dunn has finally arrived.....

Congrats to Laura & Jacob Dunn on the arrival of their first daughter, Miss Stella Bess Dunn.
These cookie favors have to be, "THE MOST ANTICIPATED COOKIES OF THE YEAR!"
Laura & Jacob asked me last year to make these special favors for them as soon as they found out they were "soon to be parents":)
I was very honored to have been given the opportunity to be a part of their very special day:)
Well, Miss Stella finally arrived Friday afternoon, and is absolutely GORGEOUS:)
Much love to Laura, Jacob, & Little Miss Stella:) ...............I can't wait to see you in person:)

PROM Goodies for Wendy Higgins.....

I hope everyone enjoyed these at your house before prom:)
I can't believe Tucker is all grown up.......makes me want to cry...."Happy Tears" of course:)
Much love to all of The Higgins family:)


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sally Cooper-Pack.....

My sweet friend, Sally Cooper-Pack, called me yesterday & asked me to make Miss Carly's birthday cupcakes:)
She wanted vanilla cupcakes with chocolate icing, and pink sprinkled sugar on top:)

Sally sent me this text tonight about the cupcakes:) I love when people send random text to tell me "how good" stuff is.....makes me feel "proud"!!!
Wanna know the secret on how my cupcakes taste so good?????.................. I use REAL BUTTER, CREAM, SUGAR, & LOTS OF LOVE:)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sometimes, I wish I could tell people to.....

"KISS MY GRITS!".......................
...................................Do you ever have one of those days???

"Dinosaur" Cookies for my "WillFish".....

My sweet friend, Anne Vance, asked me to make these "adorable" dinosaur cookies for Will's birthday this past weekend.
I hope my "WillFish" had a grrrrrrreat birthday with his family and friends:)
Much love to Jeff, Anne, & Will:)

"U" is for Underhill.....

Ms.Vickie Bouldin asked me several weeks ago to make these "Initial" Sugar Cookies for a bridal shower that she is hosting this weekend.
Thanks again Vickie:)

Mirah's "Mini" B-day Cupcakes.....

Miss Mirah Wanamaker turned "9" this past week and wanted to celebrate at West Elementary with her friends, & with these "Mini" Pastel-Sprinkled Cupcakes.
Dawn said, "THEY WERE A HIT", not only with the kids, but with the teachers as well:) Yeah.....I hope everyone enjoyed them!
Thanks Dawn, I love you guys:)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Your Vote will be GREATLY appreciated.....

EARLY VOTING begins this Wednesday, April 14, 2010 and your vote to RE-ELECT DARLENE BRYANT for TRUSTEE will be GREATLY appreciated:)
Darlene is my"SIL" & my best friend, and she has done an ASTOUNDING job in her first term as Warren Co. Trustee.
So, when you go to the polls, whether it be during early voting, or on election day, please remember her, & VOTE DARLENE BRYANT TRUSTEE:)