Thursday, October 28, 2010

Clarke Boutte is "1".....

.....Oh my!!! Can't believe this little guy is actually 1 year old now. Seems like only yesterday his mommy was that age:)....gosh, I'm getting old:).....well I feel like it anyways, I'm only 34, & haven't went "over-the-hill" yet:)
Ms. Rae called me several months ago, and asked if I could make cupcakes for Little Mr. Clarke's 1st birthday. She said, she only wanted the BEST, for his special day~~~WOW, What an HONOR!!! I honestly don't consider myself the BEST, but I do the BEST I can, and always put lots of LOVE into everything I maybe that's why they always turn out so good?
Rae made the cutest cupcake toppers and wrappers for the cupcakes, which made his day even more special, and that's something they both can look back on, and always cherish the memories that they made:)
Happy 1st Birthday to Little Mr. Clarke. I know you had a wonderful day with family and friends. Thanks Rae, I love you girlie & miss you too:)

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