Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ashley & Jason's Wedding.....


*TARA* said...

OH Wow. I would never be able to do what you did. The stress of it all would have caused a panic attack long before the oven even pre-heated. Gorgeous job!

P.B.M. said...

You Did An OUTSTANDING Job. (Of Course!)
The Cupcakes were so moist and the cookies were "Melt In Your Mouth".
EVERYBODY was talking about how good they were and how cute the cookies looked in the pretty orange boxes.

I Took GREAT Pride In Introducing you To Everyone At Westwood as my Very Close friend.

Although, I Didn't have to do a lot of introducing, Everyone (almost) already knew who " The Best Baker in McMinnville" was.

Now When They Think About "Good tasting Sweets", They Can Put A Beautiful Face With A Name.

Love To You.

Ashley said...

thank you so much paula! it meant so much for you to do this for me! i love you and they were awesome, i sure hope my mom kept some cupcakes for me :( or at least the ICING!! that was my favorite :)