Sunday, July 19, 2009


Since Thursday, my dining room was transformed into a "bakers workshop"!

My sweet friend, Ashley Freeman(now Newport) asked me sometime last year, to make cupcakes & cookies for her wedding day. I was very excited, but nervous at the same time:)

300 cupcakes and 300 sugar cookies is not an easy task, but with God's grace, he gave me the strength to make it through:)

First, I made up the cookie dough. I had to quadruple the recipe, then roll out dough, bake, glaze, "monogram", & package each cookie!

Ashley ordered the cutest little orange boxes to put the cookies in. She also made labels with their initials & the wedding date on them. A single cookie was placed in each box, then placed on the tables at the reception for each guest to take as a favor.

On Friday, I started "whipping" up the batter for the cupcakes. I also quadrupled the recipe, because my recipe only makes a dozen at a time. Then on Saturday morning, I started making my homemade Vanilla butter cream FROSTING. My kitchen was totally & completely covered in powdered sugar "dust":)

I finally finished around 1:00p.m., jumped in the shower, packed up my clothes & makeup, loaded the car, & I was off!

I made it to Westwood around 1:45, unloaded, went to V's ( to get "prettiful"), picked up my pal, Lynn Bullen, then headed back to the church to arrange the cupcakes onto the stand:)

Ashley & Jason's wedding was so elegant, and I am so blessed to have been a part of such a beautiful day:)

*Scroll down to see more pics from the wedding:)


~Kim~ said...

Your cupcakes and cookies were scrumptulicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(I can't believe I have never ate them before!)

You did an *outstanding* job!!!

~Kim~ said...

Just wanted to tell you to have a great *first day* today!!!!

Ashley's Attic said...

I heard the good news about your new job today! Congrats and I really hope this doesn't mean we're all going to be deprived of your baked goods now!

Brandie said...

What a huge job! I know you handled it like the pro you are. That looked like a beautiful wedding. Congratulations:)!
Since I never see you, tell me about your new job!

Shea Thompson said...

Paula. I was at Jason and Ashley's wedding and I loved the cookies. I am having a baby shower August 23, 2009. I was wanting to look into having cookies as favors? Do you have any idea how to make the onsies shaped cookies? Just e-mail me if you get a chance please.
Thank You much!!