Monday, September 28, 2009

Mason McGiboney

Ms. Beth Deason & Ms. Paula Morris at Pre-Pioneer Learning Center asked me to make a very special someone, some yummy treats for a special day.
Mason McGiboney, who is Pre-Pioneers IT Tech, celebrated his birthday last Friday with these homemade Vanilla & Chocolate Cupcakes:) I hope Mason & the entire Pre-Pioneer "family" enjoyed these!!!

Thanks Ms. Beth:) Love to you & yours:)

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Morris Family Of Four said...

Thanks for ALWAYS baking when, and what we ask.
Mason had never had your goodies before. He was delighted with the chocolate cupcakes, We also have a new group of PPLC Parents this year. They too had never had the opportunity to taste your treats. The cupcakes were the talk of the town that day. Also the way I hear it, They were the talk of Cookeville.
You will always be OUR 'Special Day' Person.
Love To You.