Tuesday, October 6, 2009

2009 Autumn Street Fair

Saturday marked another Autumn Street Fair in lovely, downtown Mc Minnville. It was a beautiful sunny day, even the gushing winds couldn't have put a damper on the fun-filled event!

I got up bright and early, and made 2 batches of RiceKrispie Treats and a batch of Nutty Chocolate Chip Cookies for the YouthAct Bake Sale Booth. This makes the 3rd year in a row, ALL my goodies SOLD OUT!!! ((Yeah, & for a great cause---now that makes me SMILE:))

Salem had to work in the Heritage Alliance booth from 9-1pm, then the WCMS YouthAct booth from 1-4pm, so he was definitely "pooped" when I went back to pick him up:)

I stopped by the lovely and talented, Ms. Brandie Mansfield's booth, to snatch up this adorable painting for the holidays. I have already picked out the perfect place in my kitchen to hang it---can't wait:)

Also, "QUEENS FOR A CURE" was blessed to have the Georgia Career Institute donate their proceeds from their booth, to our Relay for Life team:)

Ms. Tammy informed Kat Friday with the big news, so Darlene and I represented our team, with GCI rep, Trechia Grissom for a quick pic for the paper.


Morris Family Of Four said...

I Heard about those awesome cookies.
Some of our co-op students said they stopped by and got some. They had tasted your 'Nutty Chocolate Chip' cookies that you had brought to me and Beth.
By the Way, Mrs. Beth IS VERY UPSET that you would make a batch and NOT bring her some. She said, You Know they are her Favorite.
I would take that as a hint!
Love To You

Brandie said...

Thank you so much for the delicious cookies you dropped off. Emily had already eaten a few before Lauren and I got back! I am so glad my ginigerbread men went to a good home! I love that one, too!

Natasha Vaughn, Designer said...

I love that ginger bread man sign. My booth was beside Brandie's and I couldn't help but eye in constantly.