Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Miss WC 2009......

Congrats to Miss WC Scholarship, Bliss Zechman, who captured the crown over 49 contestants this past Saturday night. Our event packed a full house, as over 500 people were in attendance to watch the lovely ladies take to the stage!!! Our own personal security guard, WCMS's Pam Kirby, even said there were people still buying tickets at 7p.m., an hour after the pageant had started!!!
Our "QueensforaCure" team did a wonderful job and worked very hard preparing for this event! This is one of our biggest fundraisers for the year, and for RELAY FOR LIFE:), not to mention the winner got a $500 scholarship to the college of her choice!
Thanks to everyone who came out and supported the girls, and our team.
Also, a special THANK YOU, to Ms.Kathy Brewer, who puts her heart and soul into this presentation, and rarely gets the recognition that she most certainly deserves. YOU ROCK, and we couldn't do it without you---We love you:)
(Scroll down to see more pics from the pageant)

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Morris Family Of Four said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, The Picture Of My Casey Looking From Behind The Curtain. Thanks For geting that One!
Love To You!