Thursday, January 21, 2010

"I'm LOVIN' this letter".....

.....yep I painted my metal letter again-this makes like the ??? time I've painted it! This time it took a little cleaning up, since the birds had started trying to make a nest behind the wreath it was attached to at Christmas. Oh well, "IT'S NOTHING A LITTLE ELBOW GREASE CAN'T FIX" and besides, "IT WON'T KILL ME!"
I found this adorable heart tinsel wreath at BIGLOTS, and decided to paint it white, and accent with metalic red and pink polka-dots! I think it turned out quite cute once again---Don't you???

1 comment:

Morris Family Of Four said...

I love That Quote, I've Heard It Somewhere Just Lately?!
It's SO TRUE, You Can DO ANYTHING (That you want to!! Ha Ha) With a little Elbow Grease And Hard Work!
I would have Gladly cleaned that up for you,IF you had ASKED me!
Love To You!