Saturday, January 9, 2010

"We may not taste all that good.....but we ALWAYS look good!"

.....hahaheehee:) Just kidding, but We Do Rock!!!
Tonight at the 1st Annual Chili Cook off sponsored by State Senator Eric Stewart, my SIL, DARLENE BRYANT-WC TRUSTEE's booth won 3rd Place in the People's Choice category, & 1st Place in Best Presentation!!!
That's right baby---$500.00 for our "QUEENS FOR A CURE" Relay for Life team! WhooHoo:)

Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us. Hope you enjoyed our chili, and cookies:)


Wesley Hillis said...

cookies rocked tonight!! Booth looked great tonight too!

Paula Wanamaker said...

Thanks Wes:) glad you came out:)

the grissom gang! said...

way to go guys ! :)

Kathy's said...

GREAT JOB as ALWAYS ....makes our 2010 bank account look good :)