Wednesday, March 3, 2010

COME ON GIRLS.............

Ok, on my last post, I probably should have explained myself a little more clearly. When I ask if "ALL QUEENIES" would submit recipes, I wasn't talking about "just QueensforaCure" members, even though the cookbook will be a "tribute" to our "QUEENIES".

To me, all my friends and family, "ladies & girlies" are queenies!!!

All women to me are considered to be a queen in some sort of a definition. You may be the queen of your home, queen of the car-pool, queen of the work-force, queen of the remote(which that rarely ever happens), but whatever you do, if you are a woman, to me, therefore, You are a Queen!!!
I have been wanting to do a cookbook for such a long time, and finally began working on it this year. Not only will it include QUEENSFORACURE members recipes, I want recipes from all the wonderfully talented ladies in our community!!! The book will feature SPECIAL TRIBUTE SECTIONS with photos, and short-stories---some will make you laugh, some will make you cry:)
The categories are:
* CROWN" Specialities (heirloom family recipes passed down through the years)
* Appetizers
* Beverages
* Breads
* Cheese, Eggs, Rice & Pasta
* Soups & Sandwiches
* Vegetables
* Main Dish Casseroles
* Meats
* Poultry
* Game & Seafood
* Cakes & Frostings, Scratch & Mix
* Pies & Pastries
* Desserts
* Cookies, Candy Bars & Squares
* Preserves & Relishes
* KINGS can cook too---off the grill!
* Extras
If you have a recipe, and would like to submit it, please email me at the address below:
I am so hoping to possibly get this finished, so we can debut it on Relay night!

**Special thanks again to Ms.Kelly McClain-Roberts for the wonderful painting!**

You can check out her many talents by scrolling to the bottom of this page and clicking on her link, Creative Concepts. Thanks Kelly-I lov ya:)

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