Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Shewwwwwwww What a week!!!

........I might need some form of medication by the end of this week!!! hahaha just I'm not.....I'm being serious:)
I honestly don't know how I'm still going, because I feel like I'm running on empty:)
Yesterday, I had to be at my grandparents house by 5:00am, to stay with my Pap, because my GrannyMa had surgery. I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned, until my fingers were literally bleeding:) Got home, picked up my own house, ran into town to grab a few Subways, then "back to the ranch" to start on some baking.
Thank God for granting peace, strength, but most of all the invention of coffee:)haha Without this, I probably wouldn't have been able to keep up with everything that I need to be doing right now. The next two weeks is TOTAL INSANITY:)......and Relay for Life!!!
Some days I don't even know if I've pee-peed or pooped:)
This week is huge with WCHS Graduation on Friday & Junior Miss pageants on Saturday.
Ms. Paula asked me just last night, hoping I would have time, to make her something "sweet" to take to a post-graduation party at The McGiboney's. Of course, I said "Yes", but shewwwwwwwww, I'm almost over-exhausted:) But, would do anything for a great friend:)
What I really need, is a good ol' trip to the beach for some relaxation:)

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Morris Family Of Four said...

I Was just about to call and ask if you were going to be able to squeeze me into your BUSY schedule.

Thank Goodness you can do this!
I LOVE YOU to death.

I want Casey and her friends to have 'THE BEST' on graduation night and now I will be satisfied that they will!

I know your BIG SUPRISE is going to be 'THE HIT' of the McGiboney party.

Thanks so much for ALL you do for me and my family.

Love You Bunches!