Saturday, August 1, 2009


When you have big families and lots of friends, especially on both sides, then of course you're gonna have LOTS OF BIRTHDAYS:)
Last week, not only did we celebrate Carter J's birthday, but we also had 3 more.....all within a week!!!

My "bestest" friend, Cherita Barnes-Murray, celebrated her birthday on July 21st. My nephew, Cody Durham celebrated his birthday on July 22nd.
And my "favorite twins", and cousins, Regan & Ramsey, celebrated theirs on July 24th.
So, with my new job, and the fact that I worked everyday from 8:30 until 6p.m., sometimes later, I want to wish all of them a very Happy & Belated Birthday:) I love you all so very much and I promise you will all get your gifts, and maybe some cookies too, if I can work that into my schedule:) Just kidding:)haha:)

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