Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cherry CHEESECAKE Cupcakes...

I have to admit, this was a first for me! I have never attempted cheesecake, because I personally don't think I could ever make them--even remotely to compare--to Delores Bratcher & Doris Stephens's delicious cheesecakes!!! They are "The Bomb"!!!
But, I did try to make these cupcake cheesecakes, only for a very special request!
Paula Morris asked me to make two very special "gentlemen" a belated birthday surprise. Cody Deason & David Britton, both celebrated birthdays this past week, and they both, also LOVE cheesecake!

She even suggested, that if I didn't have time, that I could just use one of those cheesecake mixes you can buy in the store---O.K.---"Are you flippin' kidding me?" I don't think so!!! Everything I make, is totally, 100% made from scratch! I'm not one of those "out of the box" kind of bakers:) HOMEMADE to me, means totally homemade, not---made at home--that's a different story!!! So, I searched hi & low for the perfect recipe, and I found it.
When I finished, I boxed them up and delivered them to Ms. Paula's last night. I hope they enjoyed their birthday treats today from her & the entire Morris family. I know she loves them both very much!!!


P.B.M. said...

Once Again,Paula Wanamaker Has Created A Masterpiece!

Anyone Who Knows(MY)Sweet Cody Deason, Knows HE LOVES CHERRY CHEESECAKE. That's What Kind Of Birthday Dessert He Ask For Every Year.
He And,One Of The Other Special Men In My Life, David Britton Celebrate The Same Birthday.
(Last Wednesday)
Because Paula And I Have Both Been So Very Busy This Week, I Had To Give Birthday Gifts Of 'I Owe Yous' Wednesday Night.

I Knew I Had To Do Something Very Special For Both Of Them THIS YEAR Because Of All The Love Each Of There Families Have Shown To Us.

David B. Left On A Business Trip To Aruba Early This Morning,(Please Keep Him In Your Prayers!) So He Got His Last Night.Joyce Told Me He Said, "They Were THE BEST"!

Casey, Corey And I Didn't Go To Church This Morning. Mother Wanted To Take Them School Shopping And Today Was Her Only Day Off.
(I Couldn't Miss A Trip!) So David (Morris) Took Cody's To Church To Him.
He Said When He Walked Past The Teen Room, He Got A BIG Thumbs up!

Even With Her New Job (Which She Loves) Paula Still Has Time To Bake, From Scratch, Something This Incredible. Nothing 'Out Of The Box' From Her. Only The Best!
(Thank You For ALL yOU do For Me.)
She Left Me 6 Without Cherries. I Can Tell You First Hand They Are Great!

I Am Sorry I Took Up So Much Space On Your Blog. Since Mine Is Tempe rally . . . (Under Construction,Plans Are In The Works, Heads Are Spinning, etc.) I Need To Use Some Of Yours Until . . .

Hope You All Have A Great Week!
Think Happy Thoughts, Keep Smiling, And This Dreaded First Week Will Be Over Before We Know It.
Oh Yes, BE SURE To Keep Those Doors And Windows Locked! I Have Heard Some VERY Brilliant and Creative Stories Told Recently.
Sometimes You JUST HAVE To Laugh, Consider The Source, and Keep On Keeping On !
Love To You, Paula B.

tatum said...

those look AMAZING!