Sunday, August 16, 2009

"Smokin in Mc Minnville".....

More like "Fryin' in Mc Minnville"!!!
It was extremely HOT yesterday, with temps reaching almost 100*!

Terry, Salem, & I were on a mission--- that being to pass out fans for my SIL, Darlene Bryant, who will be up for re-election in May for WC Trustee:) We stopped by Holly Medley's booth, who works for Darlene, and sampled some of their great chicken! Tommy really knows how to make a "mean" BBQ sauce---YUMMY:)

I also was thrilled to run into a beautiful friend, Miss Emily Hobbs & her mother, Margaret. Emily recently won the Miss Country Sunshine pageant, and will compete in June for the title of Miss Tennessee. She definitely is a ray of sunshine---always smiling:)

As we were leaving, we saw a beautiful chalk drawing on the pavement of George Washington. Whoever drew this is very talented. We had a good time, but I was so excited to get back to the car, with the good ol' AC on full blast:) On the way home, Terry said he was definitely entering the competition next year, and I do have to say, he can smoke some tasty ribs:) "Watch out Bobby Flay---here comes Terry T." haha;)


P.B.M. said...

It Was EXTREMLEY Hot Yesterday!
We Went For A While And Sampled Some BBQ And Chicken.
Terry CERTAINLY does Need To Enter Next Year!
Those Roasted Quail Corey And I Ate Were 'Off The Hook'.

Do You Need Some Sort Of Catering License To Enter Something Like That?
I Think I Heard Someone Say It Was Only The Commercial Cookers That Would Need A VALIED, UP TO DATE License.
The Private Cookers Didn't Need One. He Better Check On That Before Next Year.
I Wonder If You Have A License Like That (To Sell Or Cater To The Public) Do You Have To RENEW Them Every So Often?
Oh Well, He Has A Whole Year To Get Ready.
Off To Church To Wish The Interns Good-Bye.
Love To You!

Paula Wanamaker said...

I'm not really sure about the license thing??? I'm sure we could find out.
Meanwhile, since we are on the subject---did you know you can go online to and check out all the restaurants and other businesses, and check their inspection scores??? It's public record, you can check anything!!! It's pretty cool to see what everyone scored.
I was really excited to see that WCMS scored a 100 on their last inspection---Way to Go:)
Also, Simply Shakin' scored a perfect 100 too!!!
Congrats to Michelle and Brit---Keep up the good work:)

Brandie said...

Thank you for the sweet comments about my baby sis! We are all so proud of her. You sure do fare better than me in heat. I am a wilted flower!