Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cherita's Baby Shower.....

My good friend, Lynn Bullen and I hosted a Baby Shower for our friend, Cherita Barnes Murray, Sunday afternoon at The Bullen residence.

Lynn's house is absolutely GORGEOUS, but was even more stunning, adorned with Baby decor!

She even had some of the tables adorned with Grant and LaraLynn's baby stuff---TOO CUTE:)

I arrived around 11am, to help Lynn get everything set up. Our Menu consisted of: Baby Blue-Raspberry Sherbet Punch, Mini-Phyllo tarts filled with Cranberry-Chicken Salad topped with Pecans, Creamy

Spinach and Ham Pinwheels, Raven's Vegetable Dip served with fresh celery & baby carrots, Fruit Dip served with fresh Fuji apples, globe grapes, and strawberries, Sugar Cookie petit fours, Baby "b" Sugar Cookies, Mixed nuts, and Butter mints.

Everyone had a wonderful time and Cherita got some really cute stuff. Lynn and I went in together and got her the Vera Bradley Microfiber Diaper Bag that she had been wanting. I think she was very surprised, or at least I hope so:)

I can't wait until baby BRAYLON LEE MURRAY arrives, I know he will be loved by so many, including myself---his #1 Auntie:)

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