Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Most "Prettiful" Spooks.....

Auntie's house is known for having some "special treat" bags, but the best part is spending Halloween night with the "Fam"!!!
My favorite spooks---of course---2 witches---"The Good Witch & The Bad Witch" hahahee, JustKidding, even though "The Bad Witch" thought Sophie was her broom, cause she got on her back and tried to ride off!!! TOO FUNNY!!!
Kirby & Regan came out too and stayed until after 10pm, and helped me hand out candy to all the TrickorTreaters. The "YardDogCrew" went on their annual adventure---No telling what they got in to????? Lord only knows!!! Another Halloween has come and gone, now it's back to work tomorrow, and yet another busy, busy week ahead. I wanted to get out some Christmas stuff tonight, but I'm too "pooped", maybe one night this week I will have re-gained enough energy to haul it out of the attic--If not--Oh well:)

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Alison Cummins said...

I am snatching these good! Love ya lots!