Saturday, November 14, 2009


......well at least I've got that much accomplished!!!

I took a couple of days off to "rest my mind" and to "gather my thoughts", and still I'm totally "mind boggled" with all that needs to be done here at the house.

With that being said, at least I got my metal letters painted and hung in their proper spots!

I love the smaller ones that I hang on the outside of the boys bedroom doors. This year I painted them red, and accented with white & lime green dots. I found this polka-dot ribbon last year at Walmart, and I think it compliments the letter pretty good.

Oh my, off to get some more stuff out of the attic. Terry and Salem just ventured out for the "1st day of hunting season". I hope they find some cubbies, and bring home lots of quail--YUM-O!!!

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